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Choosing sports for your Kids


India with its socio-economic structure still considers education as the primary source to earn living and lead a better life. Sports is treated as a luxury or a source of entertainment. However, with Indian middle-class wealth has growing 150% since 2000, there is a change in this attitude as well.

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Tennis Parent Series (6/6): Do's & Don'ts

It is important for the parents to know the amount of tennis activity be it practice, matches or fitness programs that the child undergoes which is ideal for specific age groups. This can avoid injuries and loss of interest in the child. Over training or excessive competition at an young age can cause irrepairable damage to the child’s progress.

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Tennis Parent Series (4/6): Do's & Don'ts

Interestingly enough, research has shown that the support and interest of the parents is crucial to the child’s continued participation in tennis. However, it has also shown that much of the physical and emotional stress affecting the games of junior tennis players is caused by their parents.