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Becoming a Coach in India

The coach plays the most important role in motivating a player and teaching the skills that a player will have for a lifetime.  Coaches serve as role models and demonstrate the behavior that players will emulate. Coaching new students is tremendously rewarding.

Any successful coach has a plan and a base of knowledge that will help players improve their skills, have fun and develop a love of the game.  If you have an interest, the AITA can help you get started as a coach in your area.

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About Team Officials

In tennis, an official is a person who ensures that a match or tournament is conducted according to the International Tennis Federation Rules of Tennis and other competition regulations.

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Professional Tennis Coach

Developing your skills as a player and increasing your experience of training and competition helps build your tennis knowledge, giving you ahead start in the career of professional coaching. All India Tennis Association (AITA) provides AITA as well as ITF certified coaching courses on regular basis. 

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On Court Officials

Chair Umpire

The Chair Umpire is much more than just the person who sits in a high chair and announces the score. They are the guardians of the Rules of Tennis and enforce them to ensure a match is played in a spirit of fair play.